Innovative Donates Desktop Computers and Tablets to Guy H. Benjamin School


GBS fifth graders quickly started using new tablets which were donated to the school by Innovative Corporation as GBS Principal Dr. Whitman Browne and Innovative line repairman Gregory Ashtain look on.

Guy Benjamin School fifth graders were singing and dancing to the latest music, playing educational math games and taking pictures last week with brand new tablets.

Innovative Corporation adopted the Coral Bay public elementary school this year and made its first major donation last week.

“We asked [GBS Principal] Dr. Browne what he needed at the school,” said Innovative vice president of public relations and government affairs Jennifer Matarangas-King. “Dr. Browne did not hesitate and told me they needed more technology for the classrooms.”

Wasting no time, Innovative donated three desktop computers and 12 Huawei tablets to GBS on Monday, May 14.

“They are going to use the tablets for reading and for class work in the classroom,” said GBS principal Dr. Whitman Browne. “The students love new technology and they love these tablets.”

Students didn’t need to read the instruction booklets with their new tablets; they immediately began looking at websites like “Math Fun” and YouTube. Several students were dancing in the corner of the room and singing along to their favorite performers while others were snapping pictures of their friends.

“It’s great to see the students using these already and knowing what they are doing and being excited about it,” said Browne.

Innovative officials were thrilled to be able to fill a need at GBS, explained Matarangas-King.

“This is just the beginning,” she said. “We look forward to having a long relationship with Guy Benjamin School.”

Last week’s donation helped keep GBS up with the times, Browne added.

“This is how children are learning these days,” said the GBS principal. “This is the way of education today.”