Invitation Letters to Coral Bay Property Owners

Last week, the Coral Bay Community Council mailed letters to 500 property owners in Coral Bay, St. John who have mailing addresses on St. John and St. Thomas.  “These letters are an effort to reach out to residents who don’t routinely use email and social media — and let them know about our programs and projects.  We want to welcome all Coral Bay property owners and residents to become participating members of the Coral Bay Community Council,” said Sharon Coldren, the volunteer president of the nonprofit organization.

“CBCC’s agenda encompasses many important current topics – infrastructure improvement, solid waste management improvement, environmental protection, taxes, recreation and community facilities, and more.  We depend on volunteers, donations and grants to accomplish good things – and we need to hear from community members like you about projects we can undertake – and solutions we can all be part of,” she continued.

The Coral Bay Community Council sends out frequent email newsletters to its members and others in the community to share useful information.  With the demise of printed local newspapers on St. John, it has become harder to reach out to everyone in the broader community with initiatives.  Thus, CBCC decided to send letters to local residents to invite participation.

Founded in 2003, CBCC is a nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with over 400 voting members.  It is eligible to receive tax deductible charitable contributions and can apply for federal grants for projects that are valuable to the community.  The CBCC also works closely with VI government departments to publicize and improve services for all of us.

All Coral Bay residents or owners of property in Coral Bay are eligible to become Voting Members. Annual dues are $50 or whatever amount your budget can afford.  The members elect the Board of Directors.

“Check your post office box, or pile of mail –and please read the information we sent, and become a member – it’s easy!” shared Coral Bay Community Council’s leader, Sharon Coldren.

If you did not receive a letter, and wish you had, it may be because CBCC does not have your accurate mailing address, or correct information.  To add your mailing address to CBCC’s contact list, please contact the Coral Bay Community Council office at 340-776-2099.   You can also reach the CBCC on social media at, or email

Check out their website at for more useful information! For more information,

Contact: Sharon Coldren, President, 340-776-2099.