Is Michael Vic Living in Coral Bay?


While driving across St. John enjoying the serenity and beauty of the island, we came across only what I could call a gang of grown men, perhaps six to eight of them. It soon became apparent that we were witnessing a dog fight, the purpose of which seemed to be brutalizing and mutilating these animals.

One dog was covered with blood while being held by one of the men, while the other dog was biting it in the neck. As the crowd cheered, the smell of marijuana drifted in the air.

This incident occurred in Coral Bay, across the street from Love City Mini Mart, under a big tree. It was January 27, a peaceful Sunday afternoon turned into a nightmare. To me, these bullies don’t have the courage to fight each other, therefore they use the dogs to cover their cowardice.
One dog, we were told later, was stolen from a private residence unbeknownst to its owner. Boredom is no excuse for such behavior.

Bewildered and in shock, we asked what was going on. We were quickly informed that we should mind our own f-ing business. Intimidated by the crowd, we left and called the authorities.

We were later informed the police responded and no arrests were made. Why not? Isn’t there a Virgin Islands law against cruelty to animals? Whose job is it to enforce this law?

We were delayed in writing this letter but upon our return home we were still in shock and nightmares persisted. We met so many friendly, beautiful people during our stay. To say our visit was spoiled by this event would be no understatement.

As the old saying goes, “Let your conscience be your guide,” propelled this communication.

This is not a cultural issue, but a moral and ethical one. What lessons are these people teaching their children?

Perhaps someone on your beautiful island will read this and become as saddened and outraged as we were.

Saddened Tourists