Unity Day Group Seeks Funds To Address Flawed Revaluation


Last week the governor signed the property tax bill and line item vetoed amendments that would have provided some relief. Because of the 2003 District Court injunction, the V.I. government is only permitted to issue property tax bills at the 1998 levels. On March 28, the V.I. government will attempt to lift the injunction and implement the property tax bill.

The Virgin Islands Unity Day Group needs an estimated $20,000 to retain attorney Jim Derr to file our motion in court and address the flawed revaluation and taxation. Please send your contribution to: Virgin Islands Unity Day Group Inc., PO Box 371, St. John, VI 00831 or drop off your contribution with Myrtle Barry at the E-C Service Station. Although we are a Virgin Islands nonprofit corporation, we are not a 501(c)(3) so your donation is not tax deductible.

We must act quickly. The financial support of all St. John property owners is urgently needed.

Myrtle Barry, Chairperson
Virgin Islands Unity Day Group, Inc.
Real Property Committee