Island Green Living – Hydrogen on Demand

If you are like me, you are always looking for better, cleaner fuels to use in all your energy-consuming devices—especially ones that will help decrease emissions and increase fuel economy.

Lately I have been researching hydrogen-on-demand systems. This technology makes gasoline and diesel engines run cleaner while getting more miles per gallon.

Hydrogen on demand runs on your car, truck, or boat’s 12-volt electrical system. Two cylinders of distilled water with anodes are hooked up to your electrical system, and when you drive, these anodes separate the water into hydrogen and oxygen gases.

When added into your engine intake, these gases cause the engine to run leaner. That means less fuel consumed, lower emissions, and better mpg. A complete hydrogen-on-demand system also has a special chip that works with your vehicle’s oxygen sensor for optimal fuel efficiency.

All of the gases being produced are instantly consumed by the engine, so there is no buildup. Even if you were to be in an accident, all you would have to worry about is the broken water bottles. No dangerous gases are stored up anywhere. And the only maintenance needed is to refill the water bottles, about every thousand miles.

I have a system on order and hope to have it hooked up on my work truck within a month or so. According to the manufacturer, I can expect a 30% to 40% increase in my fuel economy and my emissions will drop to almost zero. If I can achieve 30% better mpg, I would be getting 2.28 more miles per gallon. So in my 40-gallon tank I would get 91.2 more miles per fillup, for a 12-gallon savings per fill. If fuel prices stay around $3 per gallon, that saves $36 per fill up, and my emissions will be much, much cleaner.

Installing a hydrogen-on-demand system in a typical car or truck costs about $500 to $750. For my diesel truck, it should take me around 6.25 fill ups (about 1.5 months) to recoup the money on this investment, and then it’s money in the bank!
Like I said earlier, this is not just about getting better fuel economy. It’s also about getting cleaner emissions, and cleaner emissions = a cleaner environment.

For a greener tomorrow,
Dan Boyd
Lovango Cay, St John

Dan Boyd of Island Solar is a Virgin Islands Energy Office authorized vendor. For more information, call Boyd on his cell phone at 340-626-9685 or by email at