Judge Hollar, Please Help Reform Bob

Dear Friends of Bob,

I find it necessary to respond to your “Paid Ad” in The Tradewinds requesting letters of support for Bob Sells. I take exception to your belief that Judge Brenda Hollar’s verdict was too harsh for your “Bali Bob” for what he has done to Esther Frett and the people of St. John.

Bob Sells has demonstrated over and over his disdain and disrespect for our community and the Black population of St. John. I cannot believe that your group believes that Bob Sells’ behavior is acceptable simply because he has raised “terrific” children, lived here for over 23 years, and has contributed to many St. John charities. His practice of “mooning people” and telling Black people to “kiss my white behind” is unacceptable and should not be condoned by his friends.

I agree that Bob Sells needs our help. He needs to learn to live here with us without disrespecting the Black people in our community. Your group needs to help your friend Bob to live in this community in harmony with “all of the people” here — not just those who share his disregard for the Black people who live here.

Judge Brenda Hollar, please help to reform Bob; help him to become a respectful member of this community. We do not need his type here.

Oswin A. Sewer Sr.