Minimizing Racism Is Pointless

Dear Editor,

I recently read a letter to the editor in your publication entitled “Friends of Bob Sells Ask for Your Support.” While I agree that the Virgin Islands Police Department, the FBI and other local officials have nothing to say and may be conspiring to deceive us regarding the Esther Frett case, my stomach still churns at the request for support of a convicted racist.

While some in this community, still want to make believe that racism doesn’t exist; it is alive and well on St. John. I did experience it during my stay there.

To add insult to injury the apparent proponent of the pressure group, totally and completely disregards the American judicial system adapted in the Virgin Islands. The misguided “friend” makes no apologies for the racially prejudiced actions of Mr. Sells. Instead he/she blames everyone else for problems created by Sells own actions.

What about the victim? Did anyone ever stop to ask how is Esther Frett today? Is anyone on St. John beside a few supporters really concerned about her well-being?

Does anyone even know that she is still receiving death threats… ? Did you know that there are new complaints on police file regarding these threats since the man was found guilty?

Many of us have done many great deeds in our lifetime, but we have done so with a kind loving heart. And though as humans we are all fallible, acknowledgement of our shortcomings, followed by remorse and recompense can sometime heal the wounds we create.

This is the message that the friend(s) of Bob Sells should spend their time teaching him. Simply pretending or minimizing the racism on St. John is pointless.

Yours Truly,
Gonzalo Rivera