Kings Hill Road Paving Unnecessary

Kings Hill is not only the oldest road on St. John, but also the oldest neighborhood. Why do we need a two-lane paved road? It’s a road to nowhere except one condo complex and a plant shop.

Do we the people get to vote on this project? Cars are now flying up and down the road. All of our animals and children and grandchildren have grown to know a slow, peaceful road.

Up past the car lot where the pavement ends, we can hear cars racing on the pavement up to Love City Mini-Mart every weekday and even weeknight. Now they have a longer race track.

Speed bumps are a must — as many as possible for our peace and safety. Any spare tar would surely be best used on the road from Jacob’s Ladder to the bottom on Gift Hill. I am sure there are even more roads on the island that need help more than Kings Hill.

Joanne Sica
Kings Hill resident
 and mother, grandmother and dog owner

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