Wha’s Happ’nin’

by Sis Frank

Godchildren Are a Blessing
I may not have my own children but Godchildren have taken their place. What a joy to have Adriane Sewer Clarke brighten my day with a quick visit! Her late father, “Big Lew” Sewer, was probably the biggest promoter known to St. John in the 70s and 80s.

When Adriane told me that she was deeply involved in the Broward County’s Cultural Division in Fort Lauderdale, I knew where those creative genes came from. Her brother, “Little Lewie,” is the owner of Love City Car Ferries.

Some of Us Are on Safari
Now that everything seems to be “global,” friends no longer travel short distances like Roadtown or St. Maarten, it has to be Kenya and beyond. It has been reported that giraffe-kissing is the latest activity in Nairobi or wherever the world travelers are! Steve had better return to Sunday jazz sessions before Willy Kelly takes over “Moon River!” Come by every Sunday 4 to 7:30 p.m. to hear the Jazz Islanders at the Beach Bar.

Mo and Beverly Drop In
Guess who surprised us? The Poulins! Just as funny as ever as Mo described his summer on the crowded mainland highways — well, he’ll feel right at home there!

Drop in Temperature — Is It Winter?
After suffocating heat and lovely downpours, the nights are cooling off! We’ve been blessed so far, no major storms.

Rehearsals for “Crackin’ Da Nut”
Audition for dance and acting roles with Epiphany Theater! Call Paul Devine at 998-1925 or Cynthia Smith at 776-6216. Rehearsals and production at the St. John School of the Arts. Christmas show with a hip-hop twist. You’ll love it!

Rich Greengold Returns With Eddie
He’s back after a musical tour in the states. This wild sax man will play his usual gigs at Miss Lucy’s and La Tapa with his co-host, Eddie Bruce, who is beginning to take on a far Eastern glow!

No Yankees, No Mets
My heart goes out to Joe Torre and Willie Randolph — NYC is not the place to be this fall!

Jimmy Dalmida Comes Home
The Westin has a new director of operations — a real St. Johnian! Welcome back and best wishes to our own Jimmy Dalmida!