Letter to the Editor: Cinnamon Bay Campground Bare Sites

Pictured above: Recent shot of Cinnamon Bay Campground. St. John Tradewinds Photo
Dear Editor:
I recently returned from a three-week stay at Cinnamon Bay Campgrounds, my 38th year there. I have always stayed in a “bare site,” bringing my own tent, stove, and everything else. There are many like me who prefer a simpler style of vacationing than offered by resorts, including what is now called Cinnamon Bay Resorts.
When I was there in December, bare site campers were assigned to “group sites,” which are barren patches of dirt, where we camped fifteen feet from our neighbors, something I would never choose. The old bare sites, by comparison, were surrounded by shrubs and trees and offered some privacy. The trails beside them were infrequently traveled. Needless to say, I was very disappointed by my experience this year.
I shared my views with Jessica, the Client Services Manager. I pointed out that bare site campers are a legitimate constituency of the facility. After all, this is a national park, not private land, and bare site campers’ taxes help pay for it. Bare site campers should have the same desirable campsites as those who may occupy the eco tents. I urged Jessica not to marginalize us. She assured me that the final location of the bare sites had not yet been determined and is likely to include some of the old bare sites.
I told Jessica I appreciated her willingness to listen to my concerns and complimented her on the friendliness of the staff.
Clifford P. Borbas


  1. I led my first group of Connecticut YMCA families to camp at Cinammon Bay in 1978. After several additional group trips in the early 80’s, I continued to visit with my family almost every year until the present. We’ll be back again in March. Sadly there were no bare sites available so we’ll be staying in one of the old cottages. I too will be sad if our traditional and wonderful bare sites disappear. Setting up our own tent and cooking equipment, sleeping on deflating air mattresses and worrying about the occasional downpours have always been a part of our National Park camping experiences. May they continue.
    D. Bray