Letter to the Editor: What Is the Status of the Mahogany Run Golf Course?

A view overlooking Mahogany Run Golf Course (Photo by James Gardner)

The economic and social impact from the loss of Mahogany Run Golf Course on St. Thomas since the two hurricanes in 2017 and now during the CIVID-19 crisis, are immeasurable. The inability to play golf will impact our ability to attract cruise ship visitors and land-based tourists who choose a destination in the Caribbean based on golf as part of their vacation. The lack of a quality golf course has a major impact on the second home housing market. Many seniors demand a golf course in the area they choose to retire.

St. Thomas residents, including children and young adults, feel the loss of Mahoney Run impacts their quality-of-life, as well. Golf is a wonderful activity for everyone, young and old.

Please investigate the status of the course. Will it return? Is there a buyer? Status of the owner?

David Shear of St. Thomas