Letter Writer’s Affliation Questioned

Dear Editor,

I just read today’s Tradewinds “Letters to St. John Tradewinds” and a letter entitled “Sirenusa Neighbor Supports Development” submitted by Todd Van Sickle, Estate Enighed.

Are you aware of the fact that Mr. Van Sickle was, and most likely still is, an employee or in the pay of Sirenusa? Are you aware of the fact that the “immediate” neighborhing property was at one time a Sirenusa employee rental housing property and probably still is? It is sad to me to see the lengths these people will go to. Mr. Van Sickle is not a property owner in Enighed, not a full time resident, and definitely not a “neighbor” of Sirenusa as are the true residents of this neighborhood.

Now, I am extremly concerned about other letters to the Tradewinds. What are we to really believe?


Editor’s Note:
It is the policy of the St. John Tradewinds not to alter letters submitted for publication or add editorial comment. Mr. Van Sickle delivered the letter to St. John Tradewinds personally and identified himself only as a resident neighbor of Sirenusa.