Sirenusa Developer Shows Total Disregard

Dear Governor,

My wife and I own and have built a house in St. John and we followed all the rules when we built our house.

I have followed for some time the outrageous behavior of the developer of Sirenusa. Not only is it a terrible eyesore, they have shown total disregard for their neighbors and for the regulations connected to their permits. To top this off, Senator Celestino White, who does not even live on St. John, brings this issue to a vote unannounced with six minutes remaining. To deal with such an important issue that has so much opposition on St. John, in such a manner seems quite underhanded. In addition, DPNR and the legislature’s legal counsel  were  against approving the request.

Governor, it is of utmost importance that you veto against allowing the zoning change to go forward. If you don’t, you will invite everyone else to break the rules like the developer has consistently done. If you don’t veto the change, it would show total disregard for us on St. John because we do not want the zoning request approved.

Governor, thank you for taking the time to review my comments since they are so critical to St. John and St. John’s future.

Olof Nelson
Roman Road
St. John