Money Still Wins over Honesty

Dear Governor,

I am so disappointed with the outcome of the Sirenusa project on St. John. I had such great hope that your administration would be different from previous administrations. What a true disappointment to see that your government isn’t any different from the past government. It appears that money still wins over honesty. How can you  allow this to happen?

We have no real police department on St. John as they can’t solve a crime, and now our governor allows a developer to break the law and continue to be rewarded for bad behavior. What do you think the message is that you are sending? The community doesn’t want this and their feelings just aren’t important.

My husband and I have been building a home on St. John and we have gone through all of the correct procedures (no matter how slow, costly and frustrating it has been) however, our love for the island and our respect for the community at large is why we have to stay the course.

It is outrageous that these beautiful islands are being used and scarred forever, just to line somebody’s pockets.

Please veto this and take action for all the people and not just a few.

Caren Hart
Southport, CT