Lindy Frazer Laid To Rest

Pall bearers carry the casket out of Bethany Moravian Church after Lindy Frazer’s funeral on Friday morning, November 14.


Anselmo Emanuel Thomas was born to Ruth E. (Thomas) Powell on December 23, 1954, on St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. He was adopted at the early age of 10 months by his maternal great aunt, Sophena (Mabel) and James Frazer who renamed him Lindy Emanuel Frazer, the name we all know him by today.

Although Lindy was adopted, he spent weekends and summers with his birth mother, stepfather and siblings. Lindy attended the Julius E. Sprauve School up to the 8th grade. Although he was adopted, at age 14 he returned to live his brith mother until he went away to the Job Corps at age 16 — where he acquired a trade in electricity.

Lindy loved to draw — a skill that came to him naturally. One only needed to tell him what they wanted he was able to draw it. He was also naturally skilled at playing piano and organ. He loved to play music. St. Johnians can tell you that in his earlier years Lindy could be found in churches of any denomination playing the organ and piano — not for service but for himself.

Lindy was a familiar figure in Cruz Bay. He was not a violent person and was not a danger to anyone. His frequent forays into dumpsters and garbage pails gave him reading material. He loved to read. Instead of making the trek home to Gift Hill, he often asked passersby for “some change” to buy something to eat or drink. Lindy loved his life as he wanted to.

He knew he was always welcomed at home, but chose to live on the streets. After he was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus, he was brought home, but once again chose to return to the streets of Cruz Bay and live the way he wanted to.

Lindy departed this life on November 4, 2008, in his beloved Cruz Bay. We will all miss this familiar figure walking the streets of Cruz Bay. May his soul rest in peace.


Funeral wreaths were carried to the cemetery.

Pall bearers lay Lindy to rest in the cemetery.

Interment takes place at Bethany Moravian Cemetery.