Maho Bay Camps Staffers Remove 14 Bags of Trash from Oppenheimer

Maho Bay Camps staffers are all smiles after cleaning litter from their favorite North Shore beach.

On Wednesday, February 1, 10 Maho Bay Campground staff members decided to spend a couple of their off-hours picking up trash around the Oppenheimer Building on Gibney Beach.

The goal was to pick up as much trash on the beach and the surrounding area, the parking lot, the driveway, and the community center near the beach.

In two hours the staff members collected 14 bags of trash, one tire and one rusted folding chair, filling the back of a Ford Ranger.

The most common item collected were glass bottles! There were so many Heineken and Coors Light bottles. About up to 5 percent of the trash collected was from the beach with the vast majority of trash found in the woods surrounding the community center and driveway to the beach.

The idea of collecting trash at Oppenheimer Beach came from Stephen Rinaldi, a cook at Maho Bay Camps.

Rinaldi started the season with a goal of collecting trash at each beach on St. John before the end of the season. The idea has certainly spread, as he was able to gather

support from nine other co-workers for the Oppenheimer clean-up.

“People who litter are trash,” was the best quote of the day.