SJR and EMTs Brush Up on Rappelling Skills

Jason Moody and Woody Anderson tug on lines to bring the “patient” up the side of the hill.

St. John Rescue First Responders and EMTs received training on rappelling skills by veteran  mountaineer Greg Wingate on Sunday, January 29.

SJR is the only agency on St. John with the equipment and skills for rappelling and the group trains frequently to hone its skills, explained  Bob Malacarne NR-EMT, SJF training officer.

“Since rappelling down a steep slope is the most dangerous operation we perform we must be always practicing the safest possible techniques,” said Malacarne. “Not only are we responsible for rescuing an injured person; we must also be able to ascend steep embankments or cliffs ourselves.”

SJR volunteers and EMTs who participated in the training were First Responders Rudell Callwood, Randy Fish, Rob Vahling and EMTs Jason Moody and Malacarne.
Anyone interested in joining St John Rescue should visit the website for more information or for an application.