“Move the School Campaign” Logical and Simple

Letter to the Editor:

A big thank you to Steve Black for his “Move the School” campaign. Steve has put into outline form a step by step plan to accomplish what we have all known for years to be the only salvation of Cruz Bay.

Why this plan of such logic and simplicity has never been acted upon is a mystery. Community group after community group have fringed around this concept, brought it to the government’s attention, but like so many things it has never been acted upon.

Short term measures like the waterfront parking garage in the middle of town, with a net gain of forty spaces over the existing lot, at a cost of three and a half million dollars defies sensibility. Concerning this project, why has the governor, even though repeated requests have been made, never answered the petition by the people against the garage?

Why, at the last minute, is the government going to cram a post office into a garage that has supposedly been thought out so well?

The whole thing reeks of “Contracts and Cronies.”

An additional benefit to Mr. Black’s plan is that it does not involve the taking of private land. How many communities have the opportunity to revamp without the threat of eminent domain?

The “Move the School” project should be coordinated with the planning for the rejuvenated area to include sufficient, decent dinghy docks.

I can only think of one reason why our government would not support this plan, and that is, that it makes too much sense.

Wally Leopold
Lovango Cay