Murderer Is “Cancer” in Community


Jamie Cockayne, 21, was stabbed in the neck, ribs, abdomen, chest and thigh. This represents an individual stabbing five different areas of Jamie’s body.

This is indicative of a killer who was committed to killing Jamie. Jamie was not accidentally stabbed in a scuffle. Jamie was an unarmed person who was intentionally, violently stabbed to death for no apparent reason.   

Everyone who had the pleasure of knowing Jamie, felt blessed for having the privilege of knowing him, and misses him terribly. Jamie would have most definitely come to the aid of someone who was faced with the situation that he found himself in during his last moments.   

He was honorable, he was good. The pathetic individual who took Jamie’s life, a coward who felt the need to stab an unarmed 21-year-old, 5’8”, 145 pound young man, will be remembered as a coward, a punk of the worst kind; the kind of guy who is a blemish on any family tree.

A true disappointment, one who was not worthy of whatever education he was given; and when he is brought to justice he will not be worthy of the U.S. tax dollars that will inevitably be spent on his defense and his incarceration.   

St. John cannot afford this knife-wielding punk. He does not enhance the beauty of the island. He does not enhance the feeling of safety and security of people on the island. He will never be an individual who is an asset to the island. He is a cancer in your community. He is malignant, and he will cause more evil if he is given the chance.

I pray that you are rid of this horrible danger before he decides to share his knife with someone else.

Paul Wilson Lile Jr.