Question Regarding Joe Kessler’s Testimony


In the most recent issue the subject of the land swap for the school was written up. My question I guess would be to Mr. Kessler from the quote below:

Leasing land to the government for the purpose of building a school would threaten national parks nationwide, Kessler continued.

“Without question, this legislation would diminish, and therefore impair, the natural and cultural resources of the V.I. National Park,” he said. “Furthermore, it will set a precedent that would in turn threaten national parks throughout the country. We wouldn’t dream of selling off or giving away parts of Yosemite or Grand Canyon national parks, nor should we sell or give away a part of the VINP.”

“This should not be given serious consideration, since there is a viable and preferable alternative,” Kessler added, referring to a land swap.

How would national parks be threatened, how would the natural and cultural resources be impaired? The reason (as I understand the need for land swap) is a safety and population reason. We need JESS moved out of Cruz Bay and I can not fathom you do not agree.

Also when Rockefeller donated that land, there could have been no way of knowing the growth that St. John would know.

Please respond.
Rosi Perkins