Open forum: Address the V.I. Education Curriculum Directly

Mary Moorhead

I commend Senator Potter for providing a financial literacy online program for young students. It is definitely an important and needed course. However, our leadership must stop the piecemeal manner of addressing the public education curriculum of the Virgin Islands which impacts all aspects of life.

The Legislature should amend 17 VIC § 41 courses of study and then appropriately fund the execution and implementation of the courses important for the curriculum:

(c)(1) VI history and basic Caribbean history, (c)(5) Financial literacy, (c)(6)Hotel and Tourism Training (c)(7) Swimming and water safety, and (c)(9)Agriculture — these courses are significant for the proper growth and development of future generations and for a sustainable Virgin Islands economy.

The Department of Education and the Board of Education is in the process of curriculum development. So, act now!

Editor’s note: Mary L. Moorhead is a civic activist on St. Croix.