Natives Have Right To Develop Their Property

Dear Editor:

I am writing to sound a note of caution to our community before the public hearing on the Coral Bay Marina project before CZM. I am hearing discussions about people who are opposing this project by saying that it is not a business that can be built or operated successfully by local people.

Persons are hiding behind false environmental and zoning concerns, what they really oppose is all development except when they do it.

These statements are insulting to St. Johnians. They will only make worse the divisions that were so obvious last year. St. Johnians have every right to develop their property and share in the growth of our homeland.

What will come next from these persons? Is it the opposing of the Reliance housing project in Calabash Boom? Or how the land surrounding the Emmaus Moravian Church should be developed?

We need to unite, not divide this land.

Alvis Christian