St. John Coalition Aims for Joint Public Planning of Creek

Open Letter to the Virgin Islands Government, V.I. Port Authority and National Park Service:

Re: Request there be a joint and public planning process to determine the best future uses of the Cruz Bay Creek and its shoreline

This area, surrounded by land owned by the three agencies above, is crucial to the vitality and functionality of Cruz Bay, St. John. To date, we only see piecemeal efforts by each agency to make major changes to access and uses in our town around this creek. The V.I. government is currently considering a parking garage and vendor plaza and new post office. The Port Authority is considering uses for the reuse of the old barge port and apron including issuing a request for bid. The National Park is considering its General Management Plan for the next 20 years and the public’s requests for a boat ramp and marina. In addition, U.S. Customs, cruise ship passenger tours, and other uses are in this area.

There is an immediate need for a joint public planning process to identify appropriate development for the Cruz Bay Creek area. All the agencies and our citizens should be involved in an immediate and active planning process. It would be an excellent example of the productiveness of a well-run planning activity.

This request is made by the newly-formed St. John Coalition — citizens uniting to call for vision, public participation and planning for St. John.

The St. John Coalition

Alan Smith, Jessica Richards, Liana Blackwood John Fuller, Caroline A. Browne, Sharon Coldren, B. J. Harris, David W. Tice, Elizabeth Trey , Tanagra Netsky and Martin Netsky, Alexander Jadan, Natalie Jadan, Anastasia Trey, John Levering, chairman, St. John Recycling Forum, Gary Sellers and Sara-Ann Determan, Catherine Stephen, Cidney A. Hamling, A. Victoria Rogers, Thatcher B. Lord, Albert & Lonnie Willis, Stephen & Jean Cottrell, Bob Benedum, Ridge Benedum, Maryanne Frawley, Peter Wilder and Sandra Wilder, John Hilbert, Greg Miller, Elizabeth Wilder, Ronnie Jones, Tony Scimeca, Idalia Morales Scimeca, Roger & Veronica Madigan, Leonora Stanciauskas, Denise E Barbier, Truman F Barbier, Marjorie E Barbier, Nicole E Barbier, Robert Stork, Marjorie Botimer, Donna Perkins, Russ Howell, Kate Howell, John Perkins, Scott Hollinsworth, Thomas F. Matthias, Larry Best, Brian Bell, Norm Gledhill, Barry Devine, Diane Devine, Jeanne Tsakeres, Alan Tsakeres, Fraser Drummond, Joan Sparling, Susan Mann, Cruz Bay resident/voter, John Brego, Laura Brego, Kyle Brego, Colin Brego, Leslie Keefer, Lori Piety, Trevor Piety, Marie Naisby, Eve Boulon Maskell and Greg Maskell, Jason Budsan, Lisa Etre, Gary Ray, Ph.D., Shirley Reid, Tom Payne, St. John Sun Times, Zarah Bunner, Gail Siart, Peter Fortunato, Erva A. Denham, Charles Deyalsingh, Christopher Clark, Delia Thomas

As of June 15, 2006; Add your name by emailing, before June 21.