CBCC President Reminds Residents To Attend CZM Hearing

Dear St. Johnians,

Interested in the proposed marina? This is a reminder to come to the CZM Committee hearing on Tuesday evening, June 20th, at 6 pm in the Legislature hearing room.

This is the public hearing for the Coral Bay Marina, LLC project for a 116-slip marina over the seagrass beds in front of the Island Blues restaurant on the western shore of Coral Bay. If successful, this marina will double the number of boats in Coral Bay and provide a fuel dock that will allow motor boats from the BVI and other places to visit Coral Bay more easily, and get fuel while they are here. If hit by even a modest hurricane, it is in a very exposed area to open seas and wind, and will be heavily damaged, requiring expensive reconstruction.

Each of us can see advantages and disadvantages of having a marina in Coral Bay, not to mention the significant environmental impacts. Is this the best place for a marina? Since the marina will be built on water and submerged lands owned by the people of the VI – we have every right to be fully heard on all the issues – and to get full explanations of costs and methods of construction and the business viability, so we can judge the long term impact of the marina.

It’s important to take your part in this public process. You can review the developer’s application at DPNR’s St. John office in the Marketplace or at CBCC’s office in Coral Bay.

You can read CBCC’s analysis and comments on our website at: http://www.coralbaycommunitycouncil.org/Ocean.htm

Sharon Coldren, President
Coral Bay Community Council