Resident Disgusted with Innovative Service, Customer Relations

Open Letter to Innovative Company & Public:

Since I have not been responded to properly by the V.I. Powernet customer service manager I have been left with no other option, besides maybe cancelling all of the residential and business accounts that I manage, Oh yah that’s right, I live on St. John, and our options are very limited to non existent. It would be nice as the consumer to be able to show the Innovative Company what our almighty dollar or the lack of it could do to increase our services and their representation.

I do not like to live in the past. My many numerous past complaints I have to live with, why, because I am also to blame for not speaking out loudly enough in the past 5 years since I have returned to the Virgin Islands.

So, here’s my dilemma:
On May 2, 2006 I emailed the and requested help with:

“I am having numerous problems were I am being sent an email and the sender is receiving a return email that my account does not exist. What is up with this and why is it happening?”

To date I have had no response.

On May 5, 2006 I emailed twice to (ok, one was an accidental click) the to inform them.

To whom it may concern,
Good morning.
Please be advised that our company needs immediate attention/help for the following issues:
Emails are being received & marked as “spam”; it only seems to be happening to my advertising vendor’s, so far as I know. They are Virgin Voice, Tradewinds, St. John Sun Times, St. John Phone Book, St. John Map & Guide Book and a few others that I do not have listed in front of me. Please advise me ASAP of what I am doing or VI Powernet is doing.

I have also been informed by various clients that we do business with that our emails are being rejected by V.I. Powernet server and returned to the sender marked as spam or address does not exist, this obviously has to be corrected by the end of business today as we are now potentially losing revenue from our businesses.

This has happened over the past six months with only one or two advertising vendors, so I was not as concerned. I am very concerned now!

Since this past communication on the 5th, there has been no response. So today I called the customer service number and asked to speak to whom ever was responsible for responding to the emails, I was informed that the manager was busy and I could leave the customer service rep (who was very nice) the info and the manager would contact me when they had time later. My answer to this was, “I am sorry but it’s a waste of time to relay this info and I would like a call back.” Two hours later I received a call back from the customer service rep (again, very nice) that I had spoken to prior and she was told by the manager to call me back and get the info from my original issues plus when did I email, what was the email address I emailed to, (you have got to be kidding), it was to be this way or no way (that was my take from this conversation), I responded again with “we have many accounts (It doesn’t matter if you have one account or many, I guess at least we are being treated equally, that’s good) with various Innovative business and that equates to a great deal of money through out the year. If this is the way that customers are going to be continually treated, then if at all possible I would take our business elsewhere,” who am I kidding!

By this time I am at my whit’s end, so I call back customer service and requested the phone number to the Innovative corporate office, I was put on hold for just a minute and then the rep picked back up and said, “we don’t have a corporate number,” I say thank you and good bye, am I missing something here or does this seem odd to any one else but me. I then proceed to go to the Innovative website to get the info, well guess what is not available on any pull down menu, a number to contact a corporate representative? That’s a great way to run your business innovative! It’s like driving in the dark with no headlights; no wonder people have been waiting over 5 years in some places on St. John to get service.

So here I am sitting at my desk wasting even more time by having to write this and ask for a response via a newspaper editorial, so very sad.

What else is Innovative going to buy, help us all!

Christopher H. Gagnon
St. John