New Post Office Site?

Government-owned land in Cruz Bay, above, could be a location for the U.S. Post Office over a parking garage.

St. John Tradewinds,
Can you picture a new U.S. Post Office building in the style of an historic island great house in the center of Estate Enighed on a public square adjacent to the restored structure which now houses the Elaine I. Sprauve Library and Museum?

Imagine a two-level parking garage under a majestic building which would sit on the V.I. government-owned vacant lot behind St. Ursula’s Church.

The building could even include a second level of federal offices on top of the Post Office overlooking the new Enighed Pond port.

In a town desperate for parking, a multi-level parking garage on the government property would be mostly out of view and could be large enough to still accommodate the rental vehicles.

The Post Office could remain in the center of Cruz Bay but away from the congestion of the island’s growing tourist traffic on the waterfront.

Tom Oat
Estate Enighed