New Vendors Plaza Kiosks Head to St. Thomas

First set of kiosks being loaded (DLCA photo)

The new Vendors Plaza kiosks are heading to St. Thomas, according to Commissioner Richard T. Evangelista of the Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs (DLCA).

Hurricane Ian making landfall in the state of Florida, interrupted the trucking route of the kiosks to the Port of Jacksonville, Florida. However, the completion time for the kiosks increased due to the availability of materials to reinforce the kiosks to withstand a Category 3 hurricane.

“I am excited to announce that earlier last week, the first set of kiosks were loaded onto trailers at the Creations Global assembly plant located in Dallas, Texas, and are expected to arrive in St. Thomas on or about the second week of October,” Evangelista said.

Completed kiosk (DLCA photo)

In preparation for the arrival of the new kiosks, DLCA recently met with the vendors and advised them that they must relocate across the street to the West side of Fort Christian to allow for the site preparation. The vendors will continue to sell their goods, but due to limited space, only a maximum of 12 vendors may operate at one time. Vendors will rotate every two weeks until the new kiosks are installed.

When the trailers arrive, parking shall be restricted to the parking lot adjacent to the North side of Vendors Plaza to allow for the safe unloading of the trailers and room for the assembly of the kiosks.

“I am confident that the New Vendors Plaza will far outweigh the major inconveniences caused by the actions necessary to renovate Vendors Plaza,” said Evangelista.