Newest Addition to Oriel’s Donkey Herd at Caneel Bay Resort Needs Name


The newest edition to Caneel Bay Resort’s herd, above, was born on March 7.

Ask Oriel Smith the names of the 11 donkeys that have been born into the herd he oversees at the Caneel Bay Resort and you may get some insight into what he might chose for the name of the latest edition.

But Smith is asking the public to help in naming the female born at 11:45 a.m. on March 7 at Caneel’s Hawksnest Bay Beach, the latest addition to the “Caneel Herd” which currently numbers 13.

Smith over the years has named at least 10 babies distinctive names such as Sugar Millie and Christmas and Eva, a mother and daughter who showed up at the resort on Christmas day a few years ago.

“That baby and mama now will not leave me,” said Smith. “Everywhere I go that mommy and baby are following me. I can barely make them out in the distance and they are coming for me,”

“This one is so so special,” he said of the new female.

For now mother and baby are getting to know each other in the privacy Caneel has offered to celebrities and politicians for years.

“They are staying between Scott Beach, Turtle Bay and Hawksnest,” Smith said of the resort’s more secluded beaches. “Another couple of days she’ll come down, but momma’s keeping her there for now.”