No to VITRAN on North Shore Road

As one of the few residents of St. John living on the north shore (most other dwellings are rentals and campsites) I am totally behind the taxi drivers on this.

Those maniacal bus drivers and their huge vehicles should not be added to the already scary driving experience on this stretch of road. We are contending with the oversized safari taxis (and their maniacal drivers), rental vehicles, and all the various and sundry water trucks, cement trucks and other too big/too fast construction and delivery equipment (also driven by maniacs).

I avoid Centerline Road for these reasons, and especially because VITRAN uses it. I would really hate to have to deal with them in addition to all of the above on my drive to and from work every day.

There really is no reason for it, that I can see, other than maybe the taxi fees being quite a bit more than the $1 bus—if that is going to be the fare, as it is on the Centerline route.

We sure don’t need any more big, fast vehicles with crazy drivers on this road. Not to mention that the road is in as bad a shape as most of the roads here. Who knows how long it’s going to take to finish the road project, as it hasn’t really even started yet.

The best section of North Shore is the little stretch right in front of Hawksnest. And if they start the road work, the traffic situation will be bad enough without adding buses to the mix!

So, no to buses on North Shore Road!

Pam Dolson, Maho Bay