St. John Tradewinds Newspaper Makes Modern Move to The Marketplace

St. John Tradewinds Newspaper has relocated its advertising and editorial office to The Marketplace.

The staff is looking forward to speedy internet connection with DSL lines at the new office as well as the use of a generator.

“Losing power will no longer be an issue,” said St. John Tradewinds Publisher MaLinda Nelson. “And in the event of a hurricane or other natural disaster, we will be able to produce news reports to keep the community informed—even if the rest of the island is without current.”

The new office is located on the third floor of The Marketplace, Office Suites II, office 104.

“I can’t wait to be so close to coffee and sushi and all of the services at The Marketplace,” said staff writer Andrea Milam. The old office, on the first floor of the Tradewinds Building on South Shore Road, will remain open as an annex for processing the newspaper’s stateside mailing and St. John newsstand circulation as well as archive sales by appointment.

The addition of high-speed internet service will enable the St. John Tradewinds Web site,, to be updated quicker and provide the island’s oldest and most popular news site with additional features.

“Although our Web site is still in the development stages, we have received numerous positive comments from our loyal readership,” said Nelson. “It will soon be, if it isn’t already, the ultimate St. John information source—for residents and visitors alike.”