‘No V.I. Child Goes Hungry’ Feeding Initiative to Resume on New Date, January 25

The Department of Education will begin meal distribution to V.I. students on Thursday. (Shutterstock image)
The Department of Education will begin meal distribution to V.I. students on Thursday. (Shutterstock image)

The Virgin Islands Department of Education will resume its ‘No V.I. Child Goes Hungry’ Feeding Initiative on Monday, Jan. 25, due to ongoing COVID-19 testing for frontline staff. (The original date had been Jan. 21.)

Breakfast and lunch will be available for pick up at 9 a.m. at all distribution sites, Monday through Friday, until supplies last. The feeding initiative does not operate on holidays and weekends.

Additional reeducation training on COVID-19, conducted by the V.I. Department of Health, has been scheduled for school food service workers, bus drivers and monitors prior to the restart of the feeding program. These employees will also undergo COVID-19 testing.

All kitchens servicing the feeding program have received specialized deep cleaning by COVID-19-certified contracted cleaners.

Parents or guardians picking up meals should note the following:

Meals are limited to five per person (five breakfasts and five lunches)

A face mask or facial covering must be worn when collecting meals

Identification is not required at pick up

St. Croix District Distribution Sites (9 a.m. on weekdays, until supplies last)

Alfredo Andrews Elementary School

Arthur A. Richards K-8 School

Claude O. Markoe Elementary School

D.C. Canegata Multipurpose Center (outside)

Eulalie R. Rivera K-8 School

John H. Woodson Junior High School

Lew Muckle Elementary School

Juanita Gardine K-8 School

Renholdt “Rookie” Jackson Ballpark, Estate Whim

Ricardo Richards Elementary School

St. Croix Central High School

St. Croix Educational Complex High School

William’s Delight Villas Community Center

St. John Distribution Sites (9 a.m. weekdays, until supplies last)


Calabash Boom Housing Community

Chocolate Hole

Coral Bay Fire Station

Estate Grunwald

Estate Pastory

George Simmons Terrace

Julius E. Sprauve School

Pine Peace Basketball Court

St. Thomas Distribution Sites (9 a.m. weekdays, until supplies last)

Alvin McBean Ballpark

Anna’s Retreat Community Center

Bordeaux Basketball Court

Contant Knolls Community Center

Estate Bovoni Community Center

Ezra Fredericks Ballpark (formerly Frydenhoj Ballpark)

Joseph Sibilly School parking lot

Magen’s Bay/Luvenlund Junction

Michael Kirwan Terrace Community Center

Oswald E. Harris Court Community Center

Paul M. Pearson Gardens Community Center

Savan Basketball Court

Smith Bay Ballpark

Tutu Valley Basketball Court

Ulla F. Muller Elementary School (front entrance)

Winston Raymo Recreational Center