Open forum: Virgin Islands Has State-of-the-Art Medical Care

Roy L. Schneider Regional Medical Center

Dear Source:

I am writing to share my experience with the medical community and the Schneider Hospital. I want to assure the VI Community that we have state-of-the-art medical care right here.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016, had surgery in the states and radiation here. My follow-up has been with Dr. Erole McLean Hobdy. I had my annual mammogram at St. Thomas Radiology, the results showed I needed to follow up with another mammogram in six months. Dr. Hobdy recommended a biopsy, which showed stage 0 breast cancer, and which would become invasive breast cancer if untreated. I then met with Dr. Frank Odlum, Chief of Surgery.

I opted for a mastectomy and I had surgery Fri. Feb 15. My experience was excellent. Everyone at Schneider Regional Medical Center was kind and helpful. The hospital looked amazing — I felt like I could have been in a top hospital anywhere in the world. No visible signs of damage, floors shined, art on the walls. Everyone was friendly and I was very comfortable. The surgery went well and I was discharged the next day. Was even able to stop at Fruit Bowl and pharmacy on my way to my friend Clara’s who took care of me the 1st week.

I never even needed the pain pills! I am recovering at home now, letting myself heal. I am so happy with Dr. Hobdy for catching the recurrence so early, for Dr. Rosenberg’s excellent biopsy and for Dr. Odlum, (I call him saint Frank!) for the amazing surgery.

We are so fortunate to have really state-of-the-art medical care here, with Doctors who are our neighbors, our friends, our VI Family. I want to thank all the doctors, nurses, anesthesiologist, and staff at Roy Schneider Regional Medical Center for taking such good care of me.

Charlene Kehoe, Director of Cancer Support VI