“Operation Gridlock” Traffic Stop Leads to Gun, Drugs and 1 Arrest


A St. Thomas man was found in possession of an unauthorized firearm, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia during a traffic stop on Sunday, police say.

Alexander Milton Petersen, 33, driving a gray Acura, was pulled over by officers during an “Operation Gridlock” traffic stop on Back Street on St. Thomas, according to a V.I. Police Department report. Police observed that Petersen’s vehicle was missing a license plate on the front bumper, and the vehicle had a tinted windshield with lettering below the AS1 line, it said. After he was pulled over, police said they could smell the scent of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Both Petersen and his passenger, a minor female, were asked to exit the car.

Officers searched the vehicle for marijuana and discovered a Glock 23 .40 caliber handgun under the driver’s seat and two jars containing marijuana along with a scale, two grinders, and other paraphernalia for drug distribution, the report stated.

Petersen was arrested for carrying a firearm without authorization, possession of ammunition, and possession with intent to distribute. Bail was set at $57,500, and Petersen was remanded to the Bureau of Corrections, pending his advice of rights hearing, the report stated.