Organizers of Wounded Warriors Softball Games Cancel Scheduled October Event


After several months of planning and soliciting contributions across the community, organizers of the Wounded Warriors Softball Games have made the decision to abort plans for the event – at least until next year.

Ben Mitchell, president of the Never Quit Foundation, said on behalf of the US. Patriots, Office of Senator Kenneth L. Gittens and Office of the St. Croix Administrator that he is expressing their most sincere appreciation for the willingness of many in the community to throw their support and financial contributions behind this notable event.

“We were planning the softball exhibition games and tournament for Oct. 6-11 and would have included exhibition games, school visits, a media tour and opportunities for the team members to network on island,” he said. “Unfortunately, we were unable to meet our set financial targets and other critical milestones in our plan and thought it best to postpone at this time.”

Mitchell said they are thanking everyone who had contributed to the event thus far for their generosity, despite the frigid economic climate and encourage others to get on board with them when they begin planning and soliciting for next year’s event.

He said all financial donations and checks that were collected for this year’s event will be held in reserve for when they host the event next year. USA Patriots executive director ensures that the St. Croix event funds that have been collected are ring-fenced for a future date in 2023.

All donations will be used for funding the event and supporting the mission of the USA Patriots Wounded Warrior Amputee Team.

For more information on the USA Patriots, visit, or contact Ben Mitchell via email at or by mobile phone at 643-7339.