Paws for a Moment by Bonny Corbeil

Bonny with her family of furry friends.

Anne-Marie Porter is well known as St. John’s “Barefoot Minister.” She is also one of the Animal Care Center’s greatest supporters.

Back in the 1980s, Porter, along with former St. John residents Gina Burns and Cheri Muldner, were regularly seen feeding starving feral cats and saving small kittens “meowing” in the bushes, as well as taking in homeless and abused dogs. These ladies created “the roots” of compassion and care to animals, which grew into what is now the St. John ACC.


Anne-Marie Porter is presented with a plaque by ACC Board Members BJ Harris, John Fuller and Bonny Corbeil.


The ACC Board of Directors unanimously decided to honor Porter for her long-time support with a special plaque.
Fellow board members John Fuller, past 2006 President and 2007 Treasurer; Bonny Corbeil, ACC Education, Media and PR Director; and 2007 ACC Board President BJ Harris, owner of St. John Properties, presented Porter with this special award on behalf of the ACC Board of Directors acknowledging her good work and dedication to animals for almost three decades.

Porter has also been responsible for sponsoring the adoption ads in the St. John Tradewinds for the past few years. She believes that both animals and humans create special bonds as well as deep friendships when they “adopt each other.” In fact, “Annie,” as she is affectionately known to close friends, has a great sense of humor and anytime her girlfriends have bemoaned the lack of a male companionship, she has been know to say: “Get a dog.” How true!
Porter has also been actively involved, for many years as an animal advocate and activist, in helping to pass the Virgin Islands Legislative Anti-Cruelty to Animals Bill #25.

She is the founder of the St. John Kindness Club whose goals are: “to open the hearts of children to animals, realizing that when their hearts are open in kindness they will become more compassionate, responsible and kinder human beings to each other.” The ACC agrees.

Anne Marie, the entire St. John community of animal lovers appreciates all of your time spent as well as all of the personal funding that you have contributed to better the lives of St. John animals. Porter is a good role model for everyone in her passion and commitment to a cause very dear to her heart.

As the ACC President BJ Harris said: “It is through the support of people like Anne Marie — people who love animals and are willing to give of their time and money — that the St. John Animal Care Center has been able to grow and flourish. We do the job for our community, but we can’t do it without our community.”

From us all, especially those needy animals who cannot speak for themselves, thank you Anne Marie.