Wha’s Happ’nin’ by Sis Frank

Spring has arrived, everything is green, growing and in bloom. No wonder I feel stronger each day. So many dear friends have helped in so many ways to encourage me to keep moving, eat more and be thankful for each day.

I can never express my thanks to all who sent cards, phone messages, presents and beautiful flowers. It meant so much to hear from old friends. Especially when the Florida temperature dipped to 40 degrees, with the air conditioning kept at 50 degrees. My St. Johnian blood froze.

My surgeon, a Jamaican who owns property on St. John, was superb. She is the director of the Thoracic-Cardiology department at the Cleveland Clinic in Weston, Florida. I am so fortunate to have our own Dr. Joe DeJames and St. Thomas’ Dr. Roy Flood as my local doctors.

I could not name all those who were so kind, but I must say that Jan Kinder orchestrated my move and to this day checks to be sure that I am behaving properly. I am eternally grateful.

Three situations stand out in my mind as major incentives for getting back in the swing of life — being back home again, being able to drive and spending my Sunday afternoons at the Beach Bar with the wonderful Jazz Islanders. Everyone should forget their worries as Steve Simon’s combo swings.

“Beauty Around Us”
I think that most of us throw ourselves into our daily existence here, trying to keep up with the tempo of the changing times. We easily lose track of the beauty around us and, eventually, we become worn down by it all.

Don’t let this happen to you. Find time to rest, relax and enjoy your life. I’m checking out Slimo — maybe he needs a driver for his new limo service.