Personnel and Finance Preparing to Issue 8% Repayment Checks for Employees

The V.I. Department of Finance building on St. Thomas. (Submitted photo)

Preparing for the issuance of 8% payroll repayment checks, the Division of Personnel and Department of Finance continue to work diligently on verifying and uploading employee data to ensure the correct repayment amounts, confirm changes in address, and facilitate direct deposits for both active and inactive employees, according to a news release issued Tuesday.

To make the final payments, the Department of Finance relies on the data gathered by the Division of Personnel on all eligible employees, according to the release.

Since August, the bulk of the employees’ names – inclusive of those who have retired or separated from government service – and an estimated total of what they are owed were uploaded onto Personnel’s online portal at

Between Personnel and Finance, a team has since been working to verify the final hours worked, determine the government’s total financial obligation, and give employees a real-time update on what they will be paid. Those official repayment totals will be accessible on the portal by noon Wednesday, Nov. 3, according to the release.

Please note:

  • All applicable taxes will also be withdrawn before payments are made.
  • Employees earning less than $26,000 at the time of the 8% cut are not eligible for repayment.

Currently, approximately 6,000 records – covering central government and legislative employees only – have been uploaded, totaling approximately $39 million. Employees who don’t see their name can submit their information as prompted – they need to do this only once – or can continue to check the portal as Personnel works collaboratively with Finance to identify additional records, the news release stated. Employees of semi-autonomous agencies, including both territorial hospitals and the University of the Virgin Islands, should contact their internal human resources representatives to find out more about their repayment process.

Employees who wish to submit a change of address are asked to do so by Wednesday, Nov. 3, by emailing any new information to the Division of Personnel at with the subject line “Change of Address, 8% Repayment.”

United States Virgin Islands Division of Personnel

For active employees, payments will be made by direct deposit. For those inactive employees or eligible retirees who also prefer that form of payment, download and fill out the Direct Payroll Deposit Authorization form, which is located under the forms tab on the Department of Finance’s website, and submit it directly to as soon as possible.

Employees who have separated from government service or retirees who are unable to submit a Direct Deposit Authorization form by Thursday will receive a hard check, the release stated. Additional check runs will be made for survivors and anyone with discrepancies.

”While initially committing to the repayment of the 8% within two fiscal years, we are excited to have the financial means – thanks to the foresight and planning of the Bryan-Roach administration and the support of the 34th Legislature – to complete it in one, making whole, as the governor has said, so many employees impacted,” said Cindy L. Richardson, director-nominee of the Division of Personnel.

“While this project was multi-tiered, I have been so encouraged by the dedication and leadership of the Division of Personnel and Finance Department staff who have worked hard to make this a reality. These payments bring opportunities for investment, offer us a much-needed economic boost and allows residents to buy locally,” she said.