Photo Focus: Vendors Plaza Blossoms with Bright New Colors

Construction workers and engineers are making progress with the new Vendors Plaza retail units on St. Thomas. The brightly colored, steel-framed kiosks are being carefully moved into place as anticipation mounts for the brand-new plaza.

Licensing and Consumer Affairs Commissioner Richard Evangelista has said previously that the structures, which replace the tents that were a longtime staple of the plaza, are built to withstand a Category 3 hurricane.

One of the new vendor retail units is ready to be placed so that a roof and other pieces of the unit can be attached. (Source photo by Roger Stevens)
The modules come in pieces that are connected together. (Source photo by Roger Stevens)
In addition to yellow units, pleasing pink ones complement and offer a contrast. (Source photo by Roger Stevens)
Blue completes the pallet of colors. (Source photo by Roger Stevens)
The units are designed to be moved into place easily with a forklift. (Source photo by Roger Stevens)