Resident Happy with Future of Estate Maho Bay

Dear Editor,

After reading the wonderful news about Maho Bay today in the St. Thomas paper, I can’t control myself…
I have to thank the Marsh heirs, Trust for Public Land, Friends of the Park, and everyone who helped make the saving of this wonderful, beautiful, magical piece of St. John a reality.

Maho Bay was my home on St. John for over 5 years — and I can’t begin to tell anyone how much it means to me, personally, that the possible development of this beautiful, magical place has been averted. Believe me, all of the people who live here, as well as our many visitors, will only continue to benefit from this victory for years and generations to come.

So much of what St. John was has already been leveled and covered in concrete, and become eyesores to residents and visitors alike — just knowing that this won’t happen at Maho Bay has restored my faith in, well, just about everything.

Saving Maho Bay is the best thing that’s happened in a really long time!
Again, thanks to everyone involved — we can, and DO, make a difference! I can only hope we continue the fight to save this wonderful place we call home.

Pam Dolson