Usable Sidewalks are Necessary for Public Safety


As we all know there is no sidewalk from American Yacht Harbor to the VI Port Parking lot which is over a mile away. Most of this area is in front of Kean High School. There is an enormous amount of pedestrian traffic in this area and everyone including several hundred high school students have to walk in the road every day.

Even were there are sidewalks cars are beginning to use them for parking. Several years ago a pedestrian was killed walking across a cross walk in Red Hook. We can only hope that this does not happen again.

Traffic volume as well as speed has been increasing, especially heavy truck traffic which has been increasing at an alarming rate.  The only thing that has kept speeds down is the terrible condition of the road.

At this moment the road is being resurfaced. I have asked the contractor, Island Roads to install some speed bumps. One at the intersection Rte. 322 (Ridge Road) one at the Kean High cross walk and one at the entrance to American Yacht Harbor. Island Roads says that they cannot install them with out Government Authority.

Please call the Governor 774-0294 or 774-0001, Commissioner of Education 774-2810 774-7832 and the Commissioner of Public Works 776-4844 and anyone else you think would help and let them know that speed bumps in this area will save lives.


Greg Miller