Resident Questions Government on East End School House

Open Letter to Kent Bernier,
Director of the Public Finance Authority,

In the September 4, 2006 issue of the St. John Tradewinds you are quoted as saying, “It’s not a concern for the public, it’s a matter of the government taking care of its property….” in reference to the $860,000 earmarked for the historic East End school.

I agree the government needs to take care of their properties, but I understand our government is elected by the public, so how is it not our concern? How responsible and responsive to the public interest is our government if it is choosing to develop this property into a retreat for our Lieutenant Governor, a luxury perk for one person, as opposed to a museum honoring the history of the East End and/or a community gathering place?

I would applaud our next Lieutenant Governor if he/she chose to forego this extravagant residence in lieu of a useful, desired and needed public building.

Deborah Ramsay