Robert Wolf, Fine Man, Good Citizen Will Be Missed


Robert Wolf, a 20-year part-time resident of St. John, who died at age 90 on March 25, 2005 (Tradewinds obituary, Feb. 27—March 5 issue), was indeed dedicated to justice, the rule of law and a special concern for juveniles. The effect of this dedication made a lasting contribution to life on St. John.

In one such instance, as a member of the Estate Chocolate Hole Assocation, Bob was a key figure in negotiations with the developer of the Virgin Grand timeshares (now The Westin). One of the most important benefits of those negotiations was the developer’s donation of $100,000 to what became the St. John Fund. Under the guidance of a community-based board, these funds were distributed, over the years, to local schools, learning projects, student travel, the St. John Rescue organization, and other community projects, particularly the St. John School of the Arts.

In 1985, Bob, the association, and several other of its members, joined in a successful action in the District Court of the Virgin Islands that established an important principle that applies to real estate developments. The District Court determined that when a developer creates covenants and restrictions for a subdivision, all property owners within that subdivision will be subject to those covenants and restrictions whether or not a subsequent deed does not contain restrictions. In other words, once a subdivision is created, the rules of the subdivision can’t be changed.

Many on St. John had the happy circumstance of knowing Bob Wolf, and many more have benefited from his commitment to St. John. He was a fine man, a good citizen and will be missed in the community.

Dick Sullivan
Upper Carolina