Sea View Mini Mart Opens in Coral Bay

Sandra Challenger, left, stands outside her new Coral Bay store.

If staying in Coral Bay and in need of groceries, before driving across the island, check out the recently-opened Sea View Mini Mart.

The new shop, located across the street from Island Blues on Route 107, at the former site of the Cross, is the place to pick up fresh fish, produce, and pretty much anything else one might need.

Sea View Mini Mart, run by Cyprian Williams and Sandra Challenger, is open daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. where a smiling face will surely be behind the counter.

“I opened the store because I wanted to show the youth that there are opportunities out there to be self-employed,” said Challenger. “All businesses start small and take time to grow. I live in the neighborhood and I just wanted to open a store of my own.”


Shoppers can find anything from fresh fish to breakfast cereal on the neatly-stacked shelves.

Competitive Prices
And best of all, the prices are competitive at Sea View Mini Mart, so be sure to stop in and see Sandra.