Senate Might as Well Shut Down DPNR

Dear St. John Tradewinds,

The manner in which the vote on Sirenusa went to the floor of the Senate was, at best highly unethical. Here’s an idea for those senators who discussed the potential revenue to the territory Sirenusa might generate — shut down the  DPNR and fire the attorney whom you hired to advise you.

You aren’t listening to their legal and regulatory advice any way, and it would free up some funds to be used here on St. John for its actual residents.

The governor has not signed this bill yet. Before he was voted in to office, and on numerous occasions he promised to honor the wishes of the citizens of St. John. His phone number is listed in the directory and on his web site. St. Johnians should certainly feel free to call that number and leave a message asking him not to sign the bill, and stating the reasons for your request.  

Thank you Senator Louis Hill, for being the only V.I. Senator willing to take the advice of the Senate counsel, the DPNR, and to also mention the wishes of the majority of St. John residents when refusing to vote for this measure! Your actions will be remembered come election…as will those of the other senators. Former Senator-at-Large Craig Barshinger would never have considered voting for this bill, given the manner in which it came to the floor. 

I mean no ill will toward any one. I was once employed by the Sirenusa developer, as well as having voted for most of the Senators who passed this bill. However, if we are going to continue to be critical of those off-island people who might have a harmful impact to the future of St. John, shouldn’t we clean up our own way of doing business first? Shouldn’t the V.I. Senate follow its own “best practice” protocol? 

Susan Mann
St. John