What Happened To Promised City Planner?

Dear Governor,

What has happened since your promise in January 2007 of a planner for St. John, have you forgotten our island?
I am aware we are small and seem to fend for ourselves quite well. Maybe that is the reason for so long that the administration has let us be.

Now we have so much development and so little support, is asking for a planner too much?

Sirenusa has gotten approval for four stories. Our fire department does not have the apparatus to deal with a catastrophe such as a fire in a four-story building.

I am aware that things take time and also that as governor you are still in the early stages of your tenure. However, St. John needs to have a planner, not tomorrow, not next year, but now.

They say change is good; they also say change is inevitable and both are true for St. John.

We need someone who can assess the situation and be objective and get things done through the proper channels.

Please, Governor deJongh, assign a planner to St. John. The island is too beautiful and too alive to be stifled with so many large buildings. It takes away from what the island was meant to be.

Rosanne Perkins