Shen Dragon Karate Dojo Students Tie On New Belts

Belt ranking promotions recently took place at the Shen Dragon Karate Dojo, according to Grand Master Jerry Otto.

Yellow Belts

First Row: Camden Curreri, Lilah Peterkin, Tyler Pryce, Taddeo, Delano Asfour
Second Row: Instructor Celine Otto, Akim Harrigan, A’Legacy Woods, Harrison Brown, Nathaniel Clemmence, Tyler Newton, Sofia Richard, Instructor Wilston Wheatley
Third Row: Kelvin Munoz-Melchior, Yesusha Mejia, Sehvion Cintron (submitted photo)
Instructor Bryan Otto, Nafia Yarborough, Instructor Wilston Wheatley (submitted photo) 

Blue and Orange Belts

Instructor Bryan Otto, Julez Hood, Braydon Richardson, Morgan Richardson, Aniya Thomas, Caleb Wells, Nelson Rosario, Instructor Wilston Wheatley (submitted photo)

Green Belts

Front Row: Matthew Infante, David Peromo
Second Row: Sensei John Attias, Sensei Celine Otto, Sensei Bryan Otto, Sensei Wilston Wheatley, Brown Belt Darryl Williams (submitted photo)

Purple & Brown Belts

First Row: Jhair Jamil, Danya Yusuf, Eli Enfante
Second Row: Grand Master Jerry Otto, Sensei Celine Otto, Instructor John Attias, Shyne Hood, Javanui David, Instructor Wilston Wheatley, Sensei Bryan Otto (submitted photo)

The Shen Dragon Black Belt staff promoted the students. Every Shen Dragon Karate student is taught to work hard at the Dojo to learn leadership skills, how to prepare for life, and learn how to change their lives through martial arts.