Shutdown of Sirenusa Is “Totally Silly”

Dear Editor, 

I can’t believe people are falling for Sirenusa Developer Marzano’s obvious ploy at gaining override votes to the governor’s veto of the additional units for Sirenusa. That’s just crazy. 

1. They have spent millions on the development already, and they want us to believe they are just going to walk away from this project?   

2. The original plans that were submitted were for 40 units — what happened between then and now? 

3. The building site is under the auspices of the Department of Planning and Natural Resources, and surely if they did abandon the site, shouldn’t they be fined (heavily I would hope) for not fulfilling their permit and contract with DPNR? 
This is ludicrous to allow Mr. Marzano to threaten and blackmail us. Thank you for your time. 

Name Withheld by Request