Please Reconsider Your Vote on Sirenusa Rezoning

Honorable Senator Wesselhoft,

Please reconsider your decision to support the Sirenusa rezoning effort!

This project is a textbook example of irresponsible development and a perfect example of why all of St. John should be reclassified as CZM Tier 1. 

If this project had initially been required to go through a public hearing process that Tier 1 projects require, it probably would not have gotten this far because it is so poorly planned without any regard whatsoever for the surrounding community!

The major negative impacts on the quality of life, for all St. Johnians, resulting from the already out of scale size of the project and its effects on the water and power supply, traffic congestion, increased crime that it will attract and over crowding of an already too congested neighborhood have yet to be felt!

This is a horrible prototype for future development on St. John. If this project is allowed to move forward, others will follow. Please look at the hillside that Sirenusa has desecrated. Do you want all of St. John outside of the park to look like this?

Your reconsideration of the long term effects of your decision will be greatly appreciated by a majority of St. Johnians, for years to come!

Best regards,
Doug White, Architect

Co-founder, Island Green Building Association
East End, St. John