Sirenusa Will Help the Island

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Nataniel Clarke and I am a native St. Johnian who is proud to say that I work at Sirenusa. I have had the opportunity to learn many skills that I would have not had the opportunity to learn otherwise.

If not employed at Sirenusa, myself and other St. John residents would have to travel to St. Thomas for work. This would entail taking a ferry for the cost of $50 round trip per week only to catch a $4 round trip shuttle per day if a ride could not be found.

This includes truck drivers, excavators, tradesmen and people learning new skill sets. I think I speak for many natives when I say the project will help the island and should be completed.

Only when the buildings are complete can it be seen how beautiful the project will be. I urge people to please support Sirenusa!

Thank you,
Nataniel Clarke
Pine Peace, St. John