Simple Cynical Clinical Minute 8: The Return of the Pox


Here we go again, and again, and again …

At the time of the last Cynical Clinical, there was no vaccine. We all hoped that it would arrive.

It did arrive. I was vaccinated in December 2020. And, much to my surprise, I’m actually miraculously alive!

I am, however, being tracked by evil forces of the Deep State that now know where I am and how and when I spend my money, as well as my mind being controlled by Communists who wish to remove my free will.

Folks, vaccines have been around for a long time and, guess what? … they are not perfect. They may be ineffective in providing immunity at times. They also may have side effects — however, these are extremely, extremely, extremely rare.

Dr. Joseph DeJames
Dr. Joseph DeJames

What we do know about vaccines is THAT THEY DO HELP! Smallpox, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, chicken pox, cervical cancer, influenza, are diseases that used to wreak havoc on humans in years past. You hardly hear about those diseases nowadays — we even see a decrease in cervical cancer in recent years since the introduction of the HPV vaccine.

What is interesting is that there never seemed to be such a huge resistance to being vaccinated in the past. Life went on and lives were saved. Furthermore, there were never the serious scrutiny and regulations in the development of vaccines in years past compared to now. The few things that have prolonged life are nutrition, clean water, hygiene, antibiotics, and, yes, vaccines.

We saw how the numbers of COVID cases vastly decreased with the implementation of vaccination. Health care workers and hospitals were able to literally breathe easier after months of being on the breaking point.

Now, we see COVID cases on the rise. This is clearly related to under-vaccination. In the past several weeks, the only people I have diagnosed with COVID are those that have symptoms and are NOT VACCINATED.

A disclaimer, I have seen one person who has been vaccinated who later tested positive for COVID. They did not have any symptoms and their close relatives tested negative. This goes along with what we know — that, although someone can test positive for COVID after receiving the vaccine, the severity and transmissibility is much, much less.

So, what happened? Remember the title of these writings includes the word “cynical.” This means the outlook that people are kind of mostly out for themselves and have much less regard for the common good.

There is a natural fear of the unknown. This fear helped us escape from wild animals and other dangers. Dangers that could be clearly seen. Many of these dangers do not pose threats anymore. What we now see are dangers based on our perceptions. Like the boogeyman under the bed, what we perceive seems real to us. What happens is that these fears have coalesced into movements. For example, fears of others lead to racist ideologies. In many people, fears of change create a desire to return the “good old days.”

This has happened with vaccines. After a successful start to vaccination, it has stalled. And now we see a rise in cases. Many people I speak to say “they are not ready” for the vaccine. Seriously, I have no idea what that means besides fear of the vaccine.

Not sure what being ready would mean. I just believe it’s an irrational response to the unknown. This is not the same as that one person in the movie who ventures into the dark basement and gets eaten by the monster. Gazillions have been vaccinated. There have been some side effects but these have been extremely, extremely, extremely rare. This is where cynicism comes in — many believe that they will be the one in a bazillion who will have the problem.

Strange, but we engage in all kinds of risky behaviors without giving it a second thought.

We know without a doubt that our high calorie, carbohydrate-laden diets lead to hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, cancer, etc., but we do it anyway. We ride in the back of pickup trucks and safaris without any restraints all the time. We sit out in the sun without skin protection. We drink to excess. Tobacco smoke has all kinds of problems but that doesn’t stop smoking. We know COVID can kill but we refuse to wear masks. AND WE REFUSE TO GET VACCINATED!!!!

I guess it comes down to how much we care about ourselves versus how much we care about others. I think we know the answer to that.